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At the MDTSEA Convention held at Crystal Mountain Resort on May 1st and 2nd, a question was raised about stopping locations during the third party road test. During the Third Party Testing presentation, I stated that there are three stop locations: 1) behind a stop line; 2) behind a marked crosswalk or sidewalk, if one is present; 3) at the stop sign. These are the locations that examiners are required to score applicants on at each stopping intersection.

The actual law seems to be something different. It seems as though the law states that in 3) above, that a driver is supposed to stop when they have a clear view in each direction. I have emailed the Traffic Services Section, Vehicle Code Unit for a clarification and the specific section of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code that applies.

If third party examiners are testing for something that is not in compliance with Michigan law then I will petition the Director of the Driver Training and Testing Unity of the Michigan Department of State for a more reasonable standard to apply to this part of the test.

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