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Q: Do I have to be 16 years old before I can take the road test?

A: No, you do not. The requirements are that you must have held your Level I license 180 days ( CLICK HERE ) you must have a Segment II certificate, you must have accumulated 50 hours of behind-the-wheel experience and must sign a statement saying that you "have not been responsible for a moving violation or collision during the preceeding 90 days." If you took Segment I at the recommended 14 years 8 months, you might qualify at 15 years 6 months to take the road test, but we would discourage it. You still cannot get your license until you are 16 years old, so take the extra time and practice.

Q: If I fail the driving test why do I have to do the parallel parking again?

A: This is the state law concerning graduated licensing. If you fail any part of the 3rd party road examination, you start from the very beginning on a retest.

Q: What do I have to bring with me to the road test?

A: You are required to present your Level I driver license, your Segment II certificate, vehicle proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and one parent or guardian, plus the fee charged by that examiner.

Q: Where can I find out what the 3rd party road test is all about?

A: You are on a web site right now that tells you everything you need to know but the “Road Skills Study Guide” that you received from the Secretary of State Branch Office also has diagrams and a full description.

Q: I wanted to know how many points I got on the test but the examiner wouldn’t tell me. Why?

A: The score sheet and your results are property of the State of Michigan and you must contact the Secretary of State, Lansing, Michigan, to find out any more than the examiner will tell you. But, because of the way that the test is scored, the number of points would tell you nothing about your test achievement. Listen to the examiner after your road test. This is where you will find what you did wrong and what is suggested that you do to improve your driving.

Q: How can I tell if I have held my license 180 days? I think I have but am not real sure.

A: We have a web link that will tell you how long you have held your license. CLICK HERE

Q: I can’t find my driving log and I test tomorrow. What should I do?

A: When you get to the test site tell the examiner that you could not find your log and you and your parent/guardian will be asked to sign a statement certifying that you have accumulated 50 hours of behind-the-wheel experience.

Q: My Dad can’t come with me on Saturday but my Grandmother can. Is that okay?

A: A person designated by your parent/guardian may accompany you on the road test but must come with a written statement from your parent/guardian stating that the accompanying adult may be with you and the statement must contain the name, address and driver license number of the accompanying adult. (The adult must be 21 years of age or older)

Q: If I fail the first time I take this test how long do I have to wait before I can retake it? (Randy)

A: You must wait 24 hours and will have to take the test from the beginning. You will have to go through a document check, vehicle inspection, basic skills test and driving test.

Q: "Can I drive under the speed limit?" (Curtis)

A: You can do anything that is safe and legal. Driving under the posted speed limit by 3-5 miles per hour is a good way to insure that you do not speed. But, be careful that you are not driving slow enough that you impede traffic. Also, remember that you are being judged on everything you do whether you are told to make a maneuver or not.

Q: "Can I turn right on red?" (Heather)

A: If it is not posted, yes you can but you will be judged on how you make the maneuver too. My suggestion? Wait until the light changes. The law states that you may turn right on red unless otherwise posted, it does not state that you have to. Do not add anything to your drive time.

Q: "I've been told by my friends that the road test in "Somewhere Else" (location name withheld) is easier than the one in "The Other Place" (location name withheld). Why is this? (Mark)

A: The only part of the third party examination that varies between locations is the actual road test. What makes it "easier" or "harder" is the route that is followed, the time of day (affects traffic flow) and the length of the examination to cover all of the required objectives. At any given location, every applicant follows the same route. You do not have to be familiar with a particular city to have a good drive. You are being scored on how you drive, not how well you know an area.

Q: "I had a question about the parking and a couple other little things. First of all, how much space are you given from the front and from the back of your vehicle to parallel park? Secondly, is it okay to have a little piece of tape or something on your window for help on where to stop at the stop line? " (Ali)

A: You are allowed 6 feet plus the length of your testing vehicle for the blind side backing (parallel parking) exercise and you do not have a vehicle to line up on so you must place the cone and upright marker stick on your rear bumper (see item five under basic skills test, picture three)...
I will totaly disregard any tape or markings that you have on your vehicle, but, if you must still use the tape for the basic control skills test, will you really be able to stop behind a stop line or a crosswalk or a sidewalk?

Q: "I am 16 right now and I am a home schooled student. Can I get my licence without going through the school. And if not, do I still have to take a 6 month course?" (Kyle)

A: All people under the age of 18 must take driver training to obtain a driver license. At age 18 the graduated licensing law is removed. If you enroll in a driver training course right now, the soonest that you would be able to get a license to drive without supervision would be 6 months. And, do not forget, home school students cannot be denied the right to take a driver education course in their school district, this is state law.

Q: "Ok, so how old do you have to be to get your licence without your parents signature?" (Kyle)

A: You must 18 years of age Kyle to get a driver license without parental approval, but, everyone, no matter what their age, must pass a third party road test.

Q: At what age can I start to learn to drive? (Katie)

A: You can start learing to drive at 14 years and 8 months old.

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