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The basic skills test, conducted in a parking lot situation, is divided into 5 parts.

Part 1. Document check: You will be required to submit a Level One driver’s license (with all information readable), Segment II Certificate (the white one), proof of insurance for the vehicle that you are testing with, valid vehicle registration and accompanied by one parent or legal guardian. If these documents are not in order, you will be sent away to get the missing or incorrect information and will be charged as shown on our fee and refund policy for the hour that was scheduled for you. You must then reschedule a road test. If you are 18 years or older you must present a valid Temporary Instruction Permit that you have either held for 30 days or have it marked "Waive 30 Days" with a Branch Office Clerk's initals.

Part 2. Vehicle inspection: The required safety equipment that will be checked is, brakes, brake lights (including the center mounted light), doors (that operate and lock from the inside and outside), horn, inside rearview mirror and outside left mirror, safety belts for the three occupants, seats for the three occupants, speedometer, tires with no cord visible and properly inflated, and turn signals.

Part 3. You will be required to drive forward, 30 feet to stop within 24 inches of a line painted on the pavement, 8 feet wide, marked with a cone at each end. We suggest that when you drive forward that you move your vehicle to the right end of the line to make it easier to view the stop line out your side window. You do not have to be centered on the stop line. You may also place a piece of tape on your mirror or doorframe to help you stop at the right location (see the last picture). With practice you should pass this exercise with no problem.

Stop Line

Stop Line

Stop Line

Stop Line
Fail short

Stop Line
Proper alignment to gain an advantage for the next maneuver "side-sight-backing

Stop line - tape

Part 4.From the stop line you will be asked to back your vehicle in a curved path into the side sight parking space and to stop with the rear bumper of the vehicle as close to but not on or over the back stop line. The space is 12 feet wide by 20 feet long. The key to this exercise is to stay as close to the driver's side set of cones as possible. This exercise is just like the forward stop but in reverse, your rear bumper must be within 24 inches of the rear stop line. Each time you cross a boundary line or hit a cone or reposition the path of travel of your vehicle, you will be penalized.
After you have completed the sight-side backing exercise you will be asked to leave the parking space and turn right to position your vehicle for the blind-side backing (parallel parking) exercise. Be careful when you turn right that you do not hit the cone on the right front.

Side-sight backing

Staying close to the cones on the driver's side.

Stop with the rear of your vehicle within 24 inches of the back stop line.
In this case, the tire mounted on the rear of the vehicle counts as part of the vehicle,
so this applicant would pass this exercise for the rear stop line.

You do not have to be centered in the side sight space.

Side-sight backing
Right turn - fail

Side-sight backing
Right turn - fail

Part 5. You will then position your vehicle to perform a blind-side backing (parallel parking) maneuver. If you have passed the first two parts of the basic skills exercise and you make an honest effort to complete this part of the skills test you will pass. You do not have to make a perfect park, only to make an honest effort and to get the majority of your vehicle within the parking boundaries.










Pictures 1 & 2: This shows the proper position of the vehicle before starting the exercise. The vehicle is 3-4 feet away from the cones, with the cones in line with the rear bumper and the vehicle is parallel to the parking place.

Pictures 3 & 4: Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and hold it there while slowly backing up.

Picture 5: When the cones line up with the passenger side door, between the door handle and the passenger side mirror, stop the vehicle and straighten the wheels.

Pictures 6 & 7: Continue to back slowly until the cones are even with the front bumper, stop the vehicle and turn the steering wheel all the way to the left.

Pictures 8 & 9: Continue to back in slowly until fully in the parking place and stop. Do not pull forward.

Each time you cross a boundary line, each time you hit a cone or each time that you reposition your path of travel, you will be accessed one point. Up to 6 points you pass the basic skills test, 7 or more points and you fail this portion of the test. You will be charged accoding to our fee and refund policy and must reschedule the test. You will be required to start from the very beginning with the documents check, vehicle inspection and the basic skills exercises.

If you have any doubts or questions, call us BEFORE you get to the test site. Once there you are on your own.

Ask a Third Party Examiner at and receive a personal, immediate response. You may also schedule a Third Party Road Test by email. Send the date, time and location (Hillsdale or Coldwater) that you want to test and your phone number and you will get a telephone confirmation.