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Quality Plus Driver Training & Testing will assist you in setting up your own driver training business, with no out of pocket money required. We have an organized program that will allow you to begin holding classes within 7 days, legally and with full Department of State and Department of Education approval.

We will see that you get properly licensed, we will assist in gaining new business for you and will help you to take over school programs. References are available. More detailed information is available in a face to face setting. We will travel to anywhere in the state to discuss our program for you.

Why do we offer this service and opportunity? Because we believe that private programs can, generally speaking, better serve the needs of students and are better equipped to provide year around instruction thereby allowing students 14 years 8 months to enter the program, as intended by the graduated licensing law.

We have all the forms and programs required for immediate startup. We are also third party examiners and will work with you and your instructors to teach the students the principles and techniques that they need to be safe drivers.

Contact us today for a no obligation, no hassle discussion. Toll free, 877-868-5445.